Tips from Coach Rachel

Nutrition Tips

  1. Eat every 2-4 hours.
  2. Eat a lean protein with every meal.
  3. Eat some vegetables and/or fruit with every meal.
  4. Eat carbs such as breads/beans potatoes early in the morning or when you deserve them within 2 hours of working out.
  5. Plan to cheat! For every 10 meals, 2 of them should be for you to enjoy what you love. Don't beat yourself up about it either! You work hard, you deserve to enjoy yourself!

Exercise Tips

  1. Be Consistent. Try to do something everyday.
  2. Train the body as one big muscle. The best exercise is one in which your whole body is moving.
  3. Move in every direction. Forwards, backwards, sideways, twisting. The more directions your moving, the more muscles your building, and keeping your body in great proportion and balance.
  4. Use Interval Training. Training this way will increase strength, speed, and endurance very quickly. It also burns a ton of calories.
  5. Use a foam roller. This will break up the fascia around your muscles, which helps prevent injury and increases muscle development.
  6. Take slow deep breaths while working out. Deep breathing keeps the oxygen flowing in your working muscles and works your abs!
  7. Stretch well after exercising. This will help prevent injury and keep your muscles looking long and lean.