Me Time Fitness

Welcome to Me Time Fitness, the fitness program designed to maximize your free time to really focus on YOU! Let's face it, life can be stressful. We are all so busy that it becomes easier to take care of others and forget to give our own mental and physical well being enough care. So join me for some workouts, because we all need a little "me time!" I am dedicated to give you a great workout which will not only tone and sculpt your body, but will also be a great stress reducer and endorphin boost! Let me help you make your health and fitness a top priority in your life.

My personal passion is outdoor exercise. Austin is such a beautiful place with great natural fitness challenges. You will get to know your favorite Austin locations such as Pease Park, Mount Bonnell, Mayfield Park, and Lady Bird Lake in a whole new way when you train with me! If you are more of an indoor person, I also offer in home personal training.